March 31, 2012

Top 10 Words the English Language Borrowed from Irish Gaelic

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10. Shanty - sean tí

As in, "I like singing shanties about fishing and whiskey."

9. Dude - dúid
As in, "Dude, where's my whiskey?" 
8. Galore - go leór
As in, "We have whiskey galore!" 
7. Baloney - béal ónna

As in, "I've had too much whiskey? What a bunch of baloney!"

6. Kibosh - cap báis

As in, "I will put the kibosh on writing this post if I don't get my whiskey."

5. Moolah - moll óir

As in, "I spent all my moolah on whiskey? Welp, I guess that makes sense."
4. Muck - muc

As in, "I dropped my bottle of whiskey in the marsh, now it's covered in muck."

3. Hooligan - Ó hUallacháin

As in, "That hooligan stole my whiskey!"
2. Gimmick - camóg

As in, "Using the word whiskey in every entry on this list is a stupid gimmick."

1. Whiskey - uisce beatha
As in, "Yes, I'll have another whiskey." 

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