December 2, 2011

Boston's Celtic Music Fest (BCMFest) to Celebrate 9th Anniversary in January, 2012

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Do you live in the Boston area? Do you love Celtic music? Are you looking for something fun to do on Friday, January 6th and Saturday, January 7th?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, you should seriously consider picking up some tickets to the ninth annual BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest). The weekend festival will showcase Greater Boston's top musicians and dancers from the Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton and other Celtic traditions.

Founded by local Celtic musicians Laura Cortese (Scottish fiddle) and Shannon Heaton (Irish flute), the BCMFest organization, which puts on the annual concert as well as other Celtic music events, lists the four following objectives on its website:
  1. To produce locally-based Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton music and dance in an upbeat and all-ages friendly environment. 
  2. To bolster appreciation for traditional Celtic music and dance among youth and the greater Boston community. 
  3. To support a living, changing tradition by encouraging cross-genre collaboration and innovation among dancers and musicians of all generations. 
  4. To produce a variety of collaborative projects and performances for, in and of the greater Boston community. 
    BCMFest 2012 will kick off on January 6th at 7pm with the Roots and Branches concert at Club Passim. The concert promises to offer a "fresh take on Celtic music from North America to Europe and back again" and will include a "diverse roster of special guests." 
    Triple Spiral
    Following Roots and Branches, a parade will leave from Club Passim and make its way to The Atrium for Boston Urban Ceilidh.  At Boston Urban Ceilidh, festival-goers will be able to experience a variety of dance music styles, including Scottish (Neil Pearlman and Friends), Breton (Triple Spiral) and New England contra (The Reiner Brothers).
    At BCMFest 2012's Saturday Dayfest, performers will include:

    Matt Heaton and Flynn Cohen will spearhead the festival's Saturday finale concert. They will be joined by "some of Greater Boston's most notable Celtic musicians, singers and dancers."

    For more information on BCMFest 2012, visit
    Click here for ticket prices.
    You can find BCMFest on Twitter at @BCMFest.
    You can find me on Twitter at @TheBardOfBoston.

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