November 18, 2011

Can't Believe I Never Heard This Before Today: The Chieftains and Ziggy Marley Play 'Redemption Song'

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Celtic music and reggae music: I would never have thought the two genres could be successfully intertwined before I listened to this collaborative effort from The Chieftains and Ziggy Marley.

But then again, if you had to choose a reggae song that already had some Celtic undertones, Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" would be a natural choice: it's driven by acoustic guitar, it has melodic qualities that are reminiscent of an Irish ballad and it lacks that classic reggae tempo that is characteristic of songs like "Buffalo Soldier" and "Jammin'." And of course, The Chieftains are some of the best musicians and collaborators in the world. If any band can make Celtic/reggae work, it's The Chieftains.

The Chieftains and Ziggy Marley recorded their rendition of "Redemption Song" for the The Chieftains' 2002 album, The Wide World Over. The album also features collaborations with The Rolling Stones, Sinéad O' Connor,  Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Sting.

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